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Levitation Photography Trick

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Have you ever dreamed of becoming a trick photographer or just a photographer your entire life? Because I do… I really love to see beautiful pictures, portraits, landscapes and seascapes especially if I am in it. I would be more grateful if it was taken perfectly using some proper angling, manipulation in the camera and colorful lens filters. Sad part is, I am no photographer and I don’t have high-end cameras, DSLRs and expensive lenses.

My world turned upside down when I came across a photography website that promised to reveal all the photography secrets and tricks in the universe without the use of high-end cameras or lenses! I am so relieved… Finally, I will be able to do trick photography without technical knowledge or skills needed.

This trick photography technique is perfect for beginners or for intermediate to advanced photographers who wanted to learn Hogwarts’ photography. This trick that I am going to share to you is no rocket science, no magic and of course, no miracle. You don’t need to have an actual camera handling expertise to do this. You don’t need to have photoshop editing background to do this.

All you need to have is a camera. Any camera! Android and iPhone camera will work perfectly fine with these photography tips and tricks.


levitation photography tutorial

Read Detailed Trick Photo Secrets Here

Trick Photo Secrets is a compilation of all magical and phenomenal photography techniques that is available for instant download. This will teach people how to do trick photography regardless of their knowledge level. The camera is no big deal. People can use their phones, mobile devices, DSLRs and point-and shoot-cameras.

The eBook includes:

  • blur photography
  • levitation photography tutorial
  • how to do hdr photography
  • multiplicity photography
  • motion blur photography
  • black and white photography techniques
  • add effects to pictures
  • invisibility
  • astral projection
  • and a lot more!

Check out these photos that you can do without technical expertise or knowledge needed with Trick Photo Secrets.

add effects to pictures

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